PPG Extrusion Coatings

PPG manufacturers a full range of extrusion coatings trusted by architects and building manufacturers worldwide to protect and beautify metal building components such as curtain walls, window frames and siding panels, architectural accents, window sashes, poles, railings and more.
Formulated in a range of resin platforms, most coatings are specially engineered to meet one of three performance specifications established by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), and to offer a full menu of finishes, colors, glosses and special effects. 
PPG shortens lead times and strictly controls the batch-to-batch variability of its coatings using proprietary manufacturing processes and technology. Technical and customer support resources include customized coatings and color formulation, digital color-matching from the industry’s largest color database and remote diagnostic capabilities.

Featured Products

DURANAR® Coatings
Trusted by architects and specifiers for nearly 50 years, Duranar liquid and powder extrusion coatings have a global reputation for performance.  They are engineered to meet the AAMA 2605 performance specification for architectural metal coatings – which demands the highest levels of performance, durability and color and gloss retention – using a blend of Kynar® 500 or Hylar® 5000 polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin and proprietary PPG resins, pigments and solvents.
CORAFLON® Coatings
Coraflon one-coat powder coatings supplement the AAMA 2605-level performance of Duranar coatings and through the use of fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resin to provide heightened levels of gloss and color, and to incorporate special effects such as mica and metallics.

ACRYNAR® Coatings
Acrynar fluoropolymer spray coatings are AAMA 2604-compliant, two-coat systems for storefronts, schools, hospitals, high-rise condominiums and other high-traffic areas.
PPG offers Envirocron polyester powder coatings in three formulations.  Envirocron 04 super- durable coatings meet the AAMA 2604 specification, which encompass light commercial uses in storefronts, schools, hospitals, condominiums and hotels, as well as flagpoles, architectural accents and other weather-exposed components. 
Envirocron 03 durable coatings are targeted to the AAMA 2603 specification, which covers durable coatings for residential building products and commercial interiors.
Envirocron HTE (high-transfer-efficiency) coating represents the latest advance in the product line.  It features an exclusive cross-link polymer that enables the coating to penetrate and apply evenly to metal architectural components with recessed cavities, odd shapes and geometrically-complex surfaces.
DURACRON® Coatings
Duracron acrylic coatings provide outstanding film integrity, color control and mar resistance in a one-coat, spray-applied formula. 
POLYCRON® Coatings
Polycron coatings incorporate high-solids polyester resin technology for low VOC emissions and HAPs compliance.  Available in a wide range of solid colors, pearlescent and metallic effects, and textured finishes, they are commonly used for window and door frames, railings, trim and other architectural applications.

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