PPG Industial Coatings

PPG Coatings Enhance the Appearance of Major Appliances

Dynamic colors and finishes are an exciting development in major appliances.  Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ovens, ranges, microwaves and laundry appliances require coatings which combine superior performance and stylish color options.

PPG invests in improving the aesthetic qualities of major appliance coatings to help customers set their products apart.  No other company integrates technologies to ensure color harmony on appliances like PPG.  Working with designers and engineers, PPG offers coatings solutions which provide a unique finish with superior performance.

PPG Featured Products for Major Appliances

PPG’s full industrial coatings product line delivers a full range of protective and decorative coatings which meet the aesthetics and performance requirements for major appliances.


PPG color styling experts harmonize spray and coil applied liquid coatings with next generation powder coatings, enabling appliance manufacturers to provide products with superior aesthetics and performance.  PPG’s Spectracron® line of coatings for appliances includes primers and topcoats in a variety of formulas, such as alkyds, urethanes, epoxies and acrylics.  Truform® coil-applied liquid coatings enable appliance manufacturers to bend and form finished metal.  Additionally, in order to meet specialized product development requirements, PPG also offers Raycron®, a family of UV cured coatings.


Powercron® is the industry benchmark for anodic and cathodic electrocoat products.  From primers to one-coat color finishes, PPG’s electrocoat products integrate seamlessly with other PPG coatings technologies to offer a single source solution.  Powercron cationic epoxy primer offers premium corrosion resistance.  Cationic acrylic offers a one-coat solution for finished topcoat of major appliances.


PPG’s outstanding range of chemistries provides answers to virtually any application challenge.  All of PPG’s Envirocron® and Enviracryl® powder coatings formulas are economical and backed by unmatched experience, technology and service.  Whether it is primers, topcoats, or special effects like micas and metallics, PPG’s powder coatings exceed aesthetic and performance expectations.


PPG is the only global coatings supplier offering a complete line of pretreatment products such as iron, zinc, zirconium, and ambient temperature phosphates and cleaners.  PPG’s pretreatment capabilities include versatile products to meet the demands for various application methods and substrate types for major appliances.