Low Cure

PPG offers two generations of low-cure powder coatings that include epoxy, polyester TGIC, epoxy-polyester hybrid, polyester-acrylic hybrid and superpolyester resin systems.  With smooth finish quality and resistance to orange-peel effect, low-cure powder coatings offer a range of gloss options and special finishes.  They can be adjusted to accommodate heavy mass parts and castings.

Best of all, low-cure powders can save 15 to 30 percent in production costs as compared to normal cure products through:
  • Energy savings derived from reduced oven temperatures
  • Increased productivity and faster line speeds due to quicker cure rates
  • Manufacturing flexibility and efficiency in allowing variable oven heat-up times for different applications

Generation I


Cure Range



275-295˚F; 20 to 10 minutes

   Polyester TGIC


320-360˚F; 15 to  6 minutes

   Hybrid (epoxy-polyester)


300-340˚F; 25 to 10 minutes


Generation II



    Hybrid (epoxy-polyester)


280-300˚F; 15 to 10 minutes

    Polyester TGIC


280-320˚F; 15 to  6 minutes

    Hybrid (polyester-acrylic)


320-380˚F; 12 to 8 minutes