Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Coatings

These special coatings are thermosetting hybrids developed specifically to minimize the electrostatic discharge (ESD) created when two surfaces with different voltages meet one another.  ESD can be a source of significant damage to electronic equipment, such as electrical boxes and chassis that house electronic equipment.  These coatings prevent ESD from passing through the coating to the sensitive electronic components inside.

As compared to alternative powder products, these ESD coatings deliver superior gloss consistency and much greater uniformity in their resistivity values as applied.  Other important features include a wide range of film thickness options in a resistivity range of 105 - 109ohms.  ESD products are available in many colors, as well as in smooth or textured finishes and recoatable formulas.

Applications for ESD powder coatings include:
  • Computer work stations
  • Electronic cabinet enclosures
  • Furniture
  • Clean room and semiconductor equipment
  • Floors
  • Work benches and shelving