Ultra Violet and Electro Beam

PPG Ultraviolet and ElectroBeam Coatings

PPG UV/EB Coatings are Fast, Tough and Easy on The Environment.

UV (ultraviolet) and EB (electron beam) are two advanced technologies used for curing today’s high performance polymer coatings.  Each mechanically duplicates the radiant energy of sunlight to affect the curing process, converting a liquid coating into a solid, cured film.

PPG’s Raycron® advanced technology offers an outstanding finish and is hence used by manufacturers who require both quality and attractiveness.

PPG UV/EB Coatings offer faster line speeds and cure times and meet regulatory guidelines for low VOC and HAP content.  These coatings reduce finishing costs, offer superior scratch and mar, abrasion and chemical resistance over a variety of substrates.

PPG Featured UV/EB Products


PPG’s RAYCRON® UV Coatings are made of 100% solids and contain no water and no solvent, resulting in a comparatively positive impact on the environment.  These coatings are also characterized by a low level of VOC and HAPs while reducing energy consumption for curing.

Available as single products or full systems, PPG’s Raycron® products have been designed to meet the requirements of the flooring industries (parquet, PVC, cork, linoleum, etc.), consumer products (mobile phones, laptops, etc.), as well as the steel pipes industry as a temporary protection.


PPG’s D&M™ UV Coatings are available as varnishes and lacquers for flow and wall coating.  Designed to guarantee isolation or as impregnants, they are most commonly applied on wooden doors and wooden and MDF panels.