PPG Pretreatment

A "sustainable" method to achieving corrosion protection and paint adhesion while protecting the environment through the use of the latest "green" product developments in PPG’s arsenal

Pretreatments dramatically enhance coating adhesion and reduce the rate of surface corrosion when paint film is potentially compromised.  Not only does effective pretreatment depend on good science and high- quality chemical formulations, but also on robust systems that control the temperature, flow and duration of the application process.  Low-temperature cleaners and a wide variety of ambient pretreatment selections (from 70°-110°F) can reduce  the energy costs required to heat and minimize the sludge and waste generated by your pretreatment finishing system.

PPG is the only global coatings supplier that offers a complete, integrated line of pretreatment products such as multi-metal safe cleaners, ambient-temperature cleaners, and iron-, zinc- and thin-film pretreatments including zirconium and silane.  PPG's pretreatment portfolio includes versatile products that can operate over a wide range of conditions and meet the demands of various application methods, substrate combinations and end-uses.

PPG Featured Pretreatment Products

ZIRCOBOND® Pretreatment

While the pretreatment process cleans and provides corrosion protection to metal and other surfaces, traditional zinc-phosphates generate sludge as a natural byproduct.  This sludge can contain heavy metals such as nickel, zinc and manganese that are subject to environmental regulation.  To address these issues, PPG has developed Zircobond pretreatment, an alternative thin-film pretreatment technology based on zirconium chemistry and a proprietary blend of patented additives.  Zircobond pretreatment reduces the formation of sludge byproducts by at least 80 percent compared to zinc-phosphate-based systems.  Additionally, a Zircobond pretreatment process can be plugged into your existing pretreatment line easily, with little or no modifications.  Zircobond pretreatment is the preferred choice when replacing zinc-phosphate ahead of an electrocoat painting system.

X-BOND® 4000 Pretreatment

X-Bond 4000 pretreatment is an environmentally friendly technology that is effective for multi-metal applications.  Formulated to provide excellent corrosion resistance for steel, galvanized steel, zinc and aluminum,  X-Bond 4000 pretreatment operates at ambient temperatures, contains no toxic metals, creates minimal sludge, and is ideal as an iron-phosphate replacement that improves mixed-metal performance and corrosion resistance without the need for an additional final sealing rinse.  X-Bond 4000 pretreatment is recommended for use under powder and liquid coating applications.  The PPG technical team will assist you in determining which thin-film pretreatment is right for your finishing system.

ULTRAGUARD ZCC3 Cleaner-coater

ULTRAGUARD ZCC3 cleaner-coater is the newest development in product technology by PPG, combining the best in zirconium pretreatment formulation with the latest in low-temperature cleaning chemistry.  ULTRAGUARD ZCC3 cleaner-coater has demonstrated corrosion resistance performance that is significantly better than conventional iron-phosphate cleaner-coaters and can impart the same exceptional improvement over mixed metals.  If you pretreat parts in only three or four stages and are looking to improve the corrosion resistance of your finishing system, look no further than ULTRAGUARD ZCC3 cleaner-coater.  Contact your PPG representative today to discuss which PPG products will work best in your finishing system.

CHEMFOS® 51HD Cleaner-coater

CHEMFOS 51HD chemical cleaner-coater is a heavy-duty, dual-action, iron-phosphate system that removes a wide variety of soils; then deposits a high-coating-weight, iron-phosphate on steel surfaces in a single processing step. 

CHEMFOS 51HD cleaner-coater is ideal for heavily soiled parts that need to be adequately cleaned and pretreated when space and the number of stages places limitations on your finishing system.