Vivati® Blending Toners

Any Color You Can Imagine

The Vivati Blending Toner System by PPG is a revolutionary powder coating system that puts the power of color creation and color selection in your hands.

Using our proprietary powder blending toner system, we give you the freedom to create a virtually unlimited palette of transparent colors for application over metal and aluminum substrates, including surfaces on automobiles, motorcycles, bike components, appliances, housewares, retail fixtures, personal mobility vehicles … almost any application you can think of.

It’s fast and easy, too.  Using pigments instead of dyes enables vibrant high-chroma color with long-lasting exterior fade resistance.  Custom colors – made from a select combination of basecoats, fades, and glosses – can be formulated in minutes … not weeks … and in precise, micro-batch quantities that let you control cost and inventory.

The Power of Powder

Vivati Blending Toners offer all the advantages of powder coatings, including superior chip, scratch and chemical resistance, along with the quality and appearance of a high-end, automotive liquid coating.  And that’s not all …
  • Powder coatings are strong because they are electrostatically applied to a substrate, then baked under heat to provide a tough coating.  That means no running or sagging, and a shell that is thicker and more durable than one made with liquid coatings.
  • Vivati Blending Toners are composed of a cutting-edge polyester formula that provides the ultimate in strength, while being easy to use and apply.
  • Vivati Blending Toners can be used for interior and exterior applications, and can maintain their outdoor viability without a clear coat.
  • Vivati Blending Toners are made without solvents, so they contain virtually no VOC’s, which makes them a better choice for the environment.