CORAFLON® coatings are based on high-performance fluoropolymer resins that have been used in the architectural industry for more than 30 years.

Advancements in resin manufacturing have enabled CORAFLON coatings to combine a resin system based on the superior weathering properties of the fluorine/carbon bond with the benefits of the powder coating process.  This thermosetting, cross-linkable resin system does not require the addition of a less weatherable, acrylic component in the binder.  In fact, 70 percent of CORAFLON coatings’ total formula is composed of fluoropolymers, with the remainder composed of pigments, curing agents and additives engineered to enhance the products' performance properties.

CORAFLON architectural powder coatings:
  • Require no primer to achieve excellent corrosion protection as a result of their unique thermosetting chemistry.
  • Meet the stringent 4,000 hours of salt spray performance requirements of AAMA 2605-05 with a single coat over properly pretreated aluminum.  In independent, laboratory tests, CORAFLON coatings have shown no signs of blistering or coating lift-off, when scribed, that could be attributed to corrosion.
  • Are environmentally sound, solvent-free finishes.  During application there are no VOCs released into the atmosphere.
  • Have significantly higher surface hardness, mar resistance and abrasion resistance as compared to liquid-based fluoropolymer paint systems.
  • Reduce common handling defects in the manufacturing and installation process, making CORAFLON coatings the perfect choice for high-traffic and abuse areas, such as railings and column covers.
  • Offer finishes in a wider available gloss range.  Unlike liquid fluorocarbon-based coatings, CORAFLON coatings can be formulated to achieve gloss levels from 25 (matte) to 75 (high gloss) units, giving the architect a much wider choice in architectural designs and look.
  • Require lower cure temperatures as compared to liquid fluorocarbon coatings, resulting in energy savings and the preservation of precious natural resources.
  • Provide superior chemical resistance and protection from harmful environments, such as acid rain and industrial atmospheric pollutants.

CORAFLON coatings offer dramatic performance improvements compared to competitive super-durable powder and liquid paint systems, as demonstrated on various accelerated and actual outdoor tests.