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Copper-Free Mirror Process

Copper-Free Mirror Processes

PPG offers products that meet the needs of the latest generation of copper-free mirror manufacturing processes.  To date, more than 465 million square-feet of mirror have been processed with this environmentally friendly technology.

The copper-free processes, introduced to the European market in 1998, include a two-coat paint system that combines either a low-lead or lead-free solution with a copper-free solution.  After silvering, both of these processes involve the application of a proprietary, patented pretreatment followed by the direct application of the mirror coating.

The most important advantages of these processes are their excellent resistance to humidity and strong performance in accelerated corrosion testing, including CASS and salt spray.  In addition, their resistance to a wide range of household chemicals is far superior to what can be achieved with traditional copper-manufactured mirrors.  The possibility of clouding, which is related to potential copper oxidation also is reduced, yielding a superior mirror product.