Customized formulations and superior electrocoating consultation for an efficient painting process.

An electrocoating system applies a charge to a metal part that is immersed in a coating bath.  The process is highly automated and results in a high performing finish that delivers a uniform film build, color consistency, high yield rates and applied cost efficiency, in an environmentally friendly finishing system.

PPG consistently provides a comprehensive mix of anodic and cathodic electrocoat products, with unsurpassed global technical service.  PPG electrodeposition coatings have become the industry benchmark of quality and performance.

Leading the Industry with Award Winning Innovative Technology

PPG filled the first ever electrocoat tank with anodic electrocoat for automobile bodies in 1963, and has been credited with almost every major innovation for nearly half a century.  Today, PPG leads the industry with eight out of ten electrocoat tanks filled with PPG coatings worldwide.  PPG is committed to constantly improving electrocoat technology throughout the world.  For more information about PPG's Electrocoat, visit

PPG Featured Electrocoat Products

POWERCRON®: Electrocoating Technology

Industry-leading epoxy and acrylic electrocoats for industrial applications.

POWERCRON® ADVANTEDGE™ Tin-Free Electrocoats

Proprietary metal-free catalyst technology unites advanced environmental performance, superior resistance against edge corrosion and a smooth uniform appearance on complex parts.

ELECTROCOLOR™ & ELECTROCLEAR™: Decorative and Protective

A family of acrylic-urethane transparent clear and color electropaints formulated to deliver high gloss, decorative finishes with improved chemical and corrosion resistance.


Bulk coating of fasteners and small parts through innovative equipment processes.

FrameCoat® II: Electrodeposition Coating

State-of-the-art primers formulated for improved corrosion resistance for the automotive parts industry, especially on sharp edges.