Conductive Coating

Z Series

Z Series Water-Based Paint Technologies

PPG’s Z series of water-based conductive paints offers similar performance properties to the alcohol-based SOS series products, with low VOCs for improved environmental friendliness.  They provide excellent EMI-shielding properties and SAR protection, and superior adhesion to most plastics used in electronics applications.

Selection of the best product for your application involves a balance of performance and cost.  In general, material cost is not necessarily the main component of the total cost when selecting a particular coating.  Silver or hybrid paints may be more cost-effective than copper-based products when thickness, feature design, actual electrical specifications and production volumes are considered.

Neptune Z Series

Since Neptune Z series products offer similar coating performance to the alcohol-based SOS products, they can be incorporated into most enclosure designs with confidence.  Neptune products provide excellent electrical performance and conductivity across molded-in features and vertical surfaces.

The Neptune series includes two principal products: hybrid and pure silver.

Z Series Recyclable Paints

The Z family of recyclable paints provides good durability and cohesion and acceptable electrical performance results in applications where feature design geometry and complexity is moderate or simple.  Recyclable paints are offered in both copper-based and silver-based paint formulas.

Z Series Special Products

PPG also offers a copper product for special applications, which is not recyclable.  This coating provides improved adhesion to many commonly used substrates, including polycarbonates and PC/ABS blends.