Conductive Coating


Safe-on-Substrate (SOS) Series

Mild-Solvent Conductive Coating Technology

PPG’s Safe-on-Substrate (SOS) technology represents a breakthrough in conductive paints—delivering excellent electronic conductivity and greater compatibility with the many types of plastics used in the manufacture of today’s electronics enclosures.

SOS coatings use alcohol as the primary solvent, rather than more aggressive solvents, which minimizes substrate attack on plastics.  This milder solvent enables these paints to be used on a wider variety of plastics, such as polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends, as well as those molded for thin-wall applications.

SOS coatings have excellent adhesion to most engineering plastics, and superior durability and wear resistance.  The SOS series also reduces application costs and delivers better electrical conductivity with a thinner application of coating, even in high-volume production environments.  They offer excellent electrical performance coupled with greater EMI-shielding properties and SAR protection.

599 Series

The SOS line of conductive coatings includes three principal product types:
  • Copper (silver-coated copper media)
  • Hybrid (silver-coated copper and silver media)
  • Pure silver
Selection of the best product for a given application involves achieving a balance between performance, cost and accommodation of individual product design.