Conductive Coating


Polymer Thick Film (PTF) Products

PPG’s family of high-quality, innovative printable circuit materials provides improved manufacturability and cost effectiveness in a variety of industry applications.

The PTF product line includes printable conductive carbon, graphite and silver inks in various resistivity levels to meet a wide range of performance requirements, substrate compatibilities and applications.  A line of UV-curable dielectric insulators, with excellent voltage breakdown, flexibility and moisture protection also is available.

PPG’s printable circuit materials include both conductors and resistors.  Printable conductors based on carbon and silver are available in a wide range of resistivity levels.  Carbon resistors, designed for compatibility with PPG printable conductors, complete this technology package.

PTF ink products have been engineered to allow blending of individual ink formulations to achieve a range of intermediate film properties.  Industry applications for printable circuit materials include:
  • Membrane switches and keypads
  • Medical applications
  • Displays
  • Flexible and rigid circuits
  • RFID antennas
  • Bend sensors