Conductive Coating


ESD Conductive Coatings

These special coatings were developed specifically to minimize the electrostatic discharge (ESD) created when two surfaces with different voltages meet one another, which can be a source of significant damage to electronic equipment.

This unique family of copper-based liquid electrostatic discharge (ESD) coatings offers excellent performance over a wide range of resistivity and is available in water and solvent-based formulations, and comes in a range of colors.

Corrosion-Resistant Coating

Series 599 Z1182, a conductive ESD coating for mainframe computer cabinetry, is a water-based copper coating that comes in black.  It offers good corrosion performance (less than 100 hrs. neutral salt spray).

Aerospace and Military Coatings

Several unique formulations for aerospace and military applications are available, including Antenna Guard, a copper conductive coating formulated to provide electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding of satellite dishes and radar domes.  Lightning Guard is an epoxy-based copper conductive coating designed specifically for use on structural composites to provide Zone I and Zone II lightning strike protection.

Flexible Conductive Coating

Series 599 Y1325 offers a unique, flexible conductive coating formulated from a rubber-based resin.  This coating is intended to accommodate applications in which the conductive coating will undergo flexing and is required to maintain electrical continuity.  A protective topcoat also is available as part of this product package.