Conductive Coating

PPG Conductive Coatings

Conductive coating technology solves electromagnetic compatibility problems

PPG's state-of-the-art conductive coatings solve a variety of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues, such as electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic shielding, specific absorption ration protection, ground plane and lightning strike protection.
These coatings are ideal for EMC-related applications, including communications equipment, mobile phones, PDAs, antennas and pagers; consumer electronics, TVs, cable boxes, receivers and entertainment systems; computer equipment, laptops and monitors; medical monitors and analyzers; industrial and automated control systems; military and weapons systems; network/satellite systems; and aerospace/avionics systems.

Safe-on-Substrate (SOS) Series

SOS coatings use alcohol as the primary solvent, which minimizes substrate attacks on plastics, such as polycarbonate and polycarbonate blends.  The SOS series reduces application costs and improves coating performance, delivering better electrical conductivity with a thinner application of coating, even in high-volume production environments.

Z Series

PPG’s Neptune Z series of water-based conductive paints offers similar coating performance to the alcohol-based SOS Series products, with the principal advantage of being low VOC for improved environmental friendliness.

Polymer Thick Film (PTF) Products

PPG’s PTF product line includes printable conductive carbon, graphite, and silver inks available in various resistivity levels designed to meet a wide range of application requirements.  The line also includes UV curable dielectric insulators, with excellent voltage breakdown, flexibility, and moisture protection.  All PTF ink products are engineered to allow blending of individual ink formulations to achieve a range of intermediate film properties and to meet a wide range of performance requirements and substrate compatibilities.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Coatings

ESD powder coatings are thermosetting hybrids developed specifically to prevent electrostatic discharge from passing through the coating to sensitive electronic components within.  They are ideal for applications such as computer work stations, electronics cabinets, clean room and semiconductor equipment, work benches and shelving.  These coatings deliver superior gloss consistency and are available in many colors, as well as in smooth or textured finishes.