Heavy Duty Equipment

PPG Serves the Heavy Duty Equipment Market

Durable Finishes for Agricultural, Construction and Excavation Equipment

Heavy Duty Equipment (HDE) requires coatings that meet the demands of aggressive environments and a complex supply chain.  Applied cost efficiency, durability, color harmony, compliance with OEM specifications, environmentally friendly solutions and the ability to integrate coating technologies are critical in the HDE market.

PPG offers solutions that withstand the physical demands and color requirements necessary for the HDE market.  Through constant innovation, PPG coatings remain a durable, reliable solution for industrial vehicles and machinery manufactured by global and regional OEMs and their tier suppliers. Innovative technologies and responsible processes enable PPG to provide "green" solutions that the HDE manufacturers require.  PPG's large color library provides a match to major agricultural, construction and industrial equipment manufacturer's color specifications with quick and efficient turnaround.

Leading the Industry with Electrocoat and Cross Technology Integration

PPG is recognized by HDE leaders as the best coating manufacturer in the world at integrating electrocoat with other coatings technologies.  PPG has achieved this stature by aligning ourselves with our customers' painting processes which enable us to deliver the lowest applied cost.  PPG's global reach and local execution serve partner OEM's wherever their supply chain is located with consistent PPG quality.

PPG Featured Products for the Heavy Duty Equipment Market


PPG electrocoat primers offer superior edge coverage and recoatability to meet the demanding performance needs of HDE.  PPG electrocoat drives efficiency and environmental compliance, low cost per square foot, corrosion protection and UV durability.  PPG reduces risk by integrating electrocoat products with other PPG technologies as a one-source supplier of cost effective solutions.


PPG Liquid Coatings offer superior color and appearance technology for HDE.  The Spectracron® line of coatings includes primers and topcoats in a variety of formulas such as alkyds, urethanes, epoxies and acrylics.  The water-based Aquacron® line features primers and topcoats.


PPG's outstanding range of chemistries provides answers to HDE application challenges.  All of PPG's Envirocron® powder coating formulas are economical and backed by unmatched experience, technology and service.  Whether it is primer or topcoats, PPG's powder coatings exceed the aesthetic and performance demands of HDE.

ISO-FREE 2K Urethane Coating

PPG’s isocyanate-free (iso-free), two-component urethane top coats are resistant to solvents, lubricants, cutting oils and other chemicals, making them ideal for utility and maintenance vehicles, farm and construction equipment, heating and refrigeration equipment, and general industrial machinery, as well as vessel, tanks and cylinders.  This coating, which can be applied directly to unprimed steel or treated aluminum, also delivers superior performance in gloss, pot life, low temperature reactivity, corrosion resistance and weatherability.  The iso- and HAPS-free formulation provides inherent health benefits over traditional isocyanate urethane chemistry.


PPG is the only global coatings supplier that offers a complete line of pretreatment products such as iron, zinc and ambient temperature phosphates.  PPG's pretreatment arsenal includes versatile products to meet the various demands of HDE.