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PPG Consumer Electronics Coatings

In today’s dynamic and highly competitive consumer electronics marketplace, color and design have a significant impact on consumer buying decisions.  In fact, one of the first things that consumers notice about an electronic product is the finish.  Coatings add value to electronic products and allow manufacturers and designers to create a wide variety of individualized choices for consumers.

That’s why PPG has an integrated global team of professional color stylists, chemists and technical application experts to help manufacturers not only achieve their vision at the speed of design, but also turn it into viable products which will integrate seamlessly into global supply chains.  No matter where products are designed and manufactured, PPG’s global team of consumer electronics coating experts are on hand to ensure success.

Leading the Industry with Green Coatings Technology and Supply Chain Integration

A leader in consumer electronics coatings, PPG serves the world’s leading electronics designers and manufacturers.  PPG delivers high performance coatings which help innovative companies reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of their products, without sacrificing quality or style.

PPG’s LiquidPowder and Electrocoat products set the standard in consumer products coatings.  PPG is constantly developing new coatings technologies such as Vacuum Metalizing Coatings, Ceranoshield™ and Electrocolor™.  These new technologies improve performance and deliver new aesthetics which increase the value of products and reduce manufacturing complexity, resulting in the most efficient applied cost.

PPG Featured Products for the Consumer Electronics Market

Vacuum Metalizing Coatings - PPG has set the standard for performance, value and style with multiple offerings for Vacuum Metalized parts.  PPG offers an integrated total coatings package, from primers to topcoats, designed to work together and provide a one-source solution.

Conductive Coatings - PPG's state-of-the-art conductive coatings and printable circuit materials provide cost-effective solutions to a wide range of electromagnetic compatibility problems.  These coatings are ideal for all types of consumer electronics, including mobile phones, pagers, TVs, cable boxes, receivers, entertainment and gaming systems, as well as computers, laptops and monitors.  In addition to offering superior properties and lower applications costs than vacuum metallization and selective plating, PPG conductive coatings readily achieve excellent electrical conductivity and shielding effectiveness in complex moldings or highly featured enclosures in high-volume production environments.  PPG also manufactures a wide range of conductor, insulator and resistor inks for electronic applications including membrane switches, keypads, RFID tags, electroluminescent displays and flexible or rigid circuitry.

Electrocolor® - PPG's Electrocolor and Electroclear® coatings are an exciting new addition to PPG’s world famous line of electrodeposition products.  This process is highly transfer efficient and increases production yield rates, helping manufacturers to economically achieve sustainability goals.

Ceranoshield™ - PPG's innovative UV curable clear coat sets the standard for scratch resistance and optical clarity.  Anything from eyewear to mobile phones, this product offers unsurpassed protection.