Trusted.  Colorful.  Durable.  Versatile PPG Coil Coatings.

From curtain walls, storefronts and cool roof and wall panels to column covers, rainware, HVAC components and garage doors, PPG coil coatings have been trusted for decades by building and general industrial product manufacturers to protect and beautify metal components.
They are available in a variety of formulations to deliver high-end aesthetics and long-lasting value, and are backed by PPG’s world-class customer and technical support resources, including coatings specification assistance, color-matching and electronic color services, remote diagnostic capabilities and one of the industry’s largest color databases. 
PPG’s proprietary workcell manufacturing technology shortens lead times for customers and greatly reduces batch-to-batch variability to maximize inventory control and quality.

Featured Products

DURANAR® Coatings
Duranar coatings by PPG are among the industry’s most trusted and specified brands of fluoropolymer coatings.  As the only original and continuous licensee of time-tested Kynar 500® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin, PPG manufactures Duranar coatings in standard and innovative formulations to provide exceptional durability, colorfastness and performance, even in extreme building environments. Specialty products include infrared-reflective Duranar ULTRA-Cool® coatings, color-shifting and infrared-reflective Duranar VARI-Cool® coatings, and graffiti-resistant Duranar GR coatings.
Additional Coatings Products and Platforms
PPG coil coatings are engineered to meet varied performance, budget and environmental demands.  Advanced fluoropolymer, standard polyester, super-polyester, silicone-modified-polyester, acrylic, waterborne and PVC coatings are available to meet the requirements of specific building products and applications.
CORAFLON® XL fluoropolymer clear coat enables architects to supplement the durability and performance benefits of Duranar coatings by incorporating premium visual enhancements such as high gloss or special mica and metallic effects and one-coat tinted clears.
DURAFORM® polyester coatings feature seven market-specific next-generation formulations for garage and entry doors, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) equipment and other utilitarian applications.

DURASTAR® polyester coil coatings include standard Durastar (super-polyester) and Durastar SMP (silicone-modified-polyester) coatings, as well as Durastar SMP ULTRA-Cool coatings, which feature PPG’s proprietary infrared-reflective coatings technology for colorful cool metal roofs and siding.
DURACRON® acrylic-based coatings for durable single-coat coverage of truck-trailer sheet, mobile home and recreational vehicles stock; awnings, canopies and other metal building products.
ENVIRON® waterborne coil coating systems incorporate an environmentally friendly combination of highly durable resin and pigment technologies for aluminum substrates. Economically priced Environ MCL coating adapts the water-based technology to function as a mill-applied coating for Galvalume and hot-dipped galvanized metal.
PLASTICRON® coatings feature the very latest in highly durable PVC resin chemistry to meet the exterior durability demands of industrial and pre-engineered buildings.
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