Automotive Parts & Accessories Functional

Award-winning R&D efforts provide solutions to OEM demands for corrosion protection

It takes a wide range of coating solutions to protect and decorate Automotive Parts and Accessories (APA).  The global supply chain requires coatings manufacturers that can ensure OEM specifications are met, no matter where the parts are coated.  These parts include rigid and flexible exterior trim systems, steel and aluminum wheels, white sidewall tires, body panels, bumper systems, break systems, hitches, shocks, axles, coil springs, sway bars, under hood and under body parts.

Having partnerships with leading automobile manufacturers has driven PPG to become a best-in-class provider of integrated coating technologies for the automotive parts and accessories market. PPG's mission and values of dedication to customers, continuous improvement and environmental stewardship are the backbone to its award-winning surface treatments and coatings technology specifically designed for the automotive OEM.

Featured Products for the Automotive Parts and Accessories Market


Solvent-based SPECTRACRON® liquid coatings encompass primers and topcoats in alkyd-, urethane-, epoxy- and acrylic-based formulations. AQUACRON® coatings offer comparable, durable primers and topcoats but in water-based formulations with ultra-low VOC.

The water-based WBP series of 2K urethane coatings and a line of high-performance 2K solvent-based WBS products provide solutions for automotive wheel applications.  They afford excellent corrosion performance, superior chip/whip resistance and ease of use in production, with near-zero VOC.

An environmentally friendly, abrasion, scuff- and stain-resistant coating for white sidewall radial tires also is available.  It provides superior, long-term protection and is easily washable with water.


POWERCRON® electrocoats provide superior corrosion and edge protection and are topcoat friendly.  This industry-leading product delivers uniform film build and high yield rates.  Powercron is available in environmentally responsible, ultra-low VOC and heavy-metal / HAPs-free formulations.  Whether you choose to use e-coat as a primer or as a one-coat, stand-alone finish, Powercron coatings are a cost-effective finish for your products.


ENVIROCRON® and ENVIRACRYL® powder coatings provide the performance needed in the automotive parts and accessories market. PPG offerings include epoxy, acrylic, TGIC and non-TGIC polyesters, urethanes and advanced hybrids.  These coatings provide a complete selection of environmentally progressive, thermosetting chemistries featuring reduced bake times and temperatures and other critical performance properties at lower film builds.

Powder wheel coating products for aluminum and steel wheel applications include a high-performance, high-flow polyester powder primer that produces an extremely smooth finish with excellent coverage.  A series of high-quality metallic powder color coat products also is available, along with a polyester powder clearcoat and a unique acrylic/polyester hybrid powder clearcoat for OEM wheel applications, all of which offer excellent weatherability and durability.

Pretreatment & Engineered Products

A variety of pretreatments are available including OEM-approved CHEMFOS® zinc phosphates, ZetaPhos, IRCO BOND® and ZIRCOBOND® heavy zinc phosphates, and other zirconium-based, environmentally compliant, low-sludge producing pretreatments.  Other products available include CORASHIELD® anti-chip underbody coatings, AUDIOGUARD® sprayable sound-dampening systems, and DURABED® and DURABULL the ultimate coatings for in durability and toughness for lining truck beds, running boards, or any parts that take severe punishment.