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Color is more than just an aesthetic.  It can profoundly affect how people respond to products on an emotional, psychological and intellectual level.  At PPG, we understand the science and art of making color and applying it to virtually any surface.  That is why PPG coatings are used for countless applications, from buildings that change color to consumer products that keep pace with rapidly evolving fashion trends.

With resources like the Vivati Blending Toner SystemQuick-Ship Color Cards and one of the world’s largest color inventories, PPG has the complete range of products and technologies needed to protect and beautify jetscarscruise ships and other “mobile” devices, as well as heavy-duty equipment, appliances, sporting goods and other industrial and consumer products.

Yet, what really sets PPG apart is our color expertise.  In design studios around the world, our in-house experts and laboratory technicians work hand-in-hand with OEM designers and production engineers to create prototype colors, textures and coatings with the goal of bringing their products to market faster and making them sell more quickly.

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